Tuesday, September 16, 2008

American Idol Live!!!

Saturday night Justin and I went to the American Idols Live concert in Tulsa! It was so awesome and we had the best seats!! I will spare you guys any pictures because it was so dark in there that you can't see any of the Idols performing and I know you don't want any pictures of us because by the time we got to the BOK Center, we were soaking wet! It was raining and super windy in Tulsa so my umbrella really did us no good! We looked like little wet dogs but still had the best time!

This concert was for the top 10 finalist and I must say, they all did an amazing job! This was their final stop on the tour, they had done 52 other shows before this one, so they all were a little bummed out about it being the end. The night started with number 10, Chickeze. He did really well and I really do like him. He seems like such a down-to-earth, genuinely nice guy! I hope he makes it big! The next contestant was Raimelle, I knew that she was tiny on TV but I guess I didn't realize how tiny!! She was just so cute and I loved watching her perform. Then was Michael Johns!! I don't know what was going on with him but he had this crazy mustache and it was not very flattering! I think he was doing it as a dare or something but I dare him to shave it off!! :)

After that was Carly and Kristy Lee Cook. They both did really well! Kristy Lee sang God Bless America and I really think she has a future in country music. Carly sounded great in person and I won't be surprised to see her record before too long either! Next up was Brooke White and I just LOVE her! She played the piano and sang. She did a really great job and I know for sure that we will see more from her! I must say that her hair is just as gorgeous in person as it was on TV. I wish I had hair like that!

The final four to sing were Jason Castro, Syesha, David A and David Cook! They were all incredible!!! I loved Syesha on the show and I love her even more now! That girl can sing and she is so pretty! David A was amazing as well! Every time I hear him sing it is just so hard for me to believe that he is only seventeen! David Cook was my favorite of the night and I know you guys are going to be super jealous (just kidding) but he did give me a high five!! He came down into the audience and ran around the edge of the floor seats, he stopped right in front of my chair and got up on this little girls chair and sang for a second. That little girl was so funny and couldn't stop talking about how cool it was that out of all the chairs, he picked hers to stand on! It was so funny!!

We had a great time and I really look forward to following all of these idols now to see what they do next!