Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby Hathorn is...

We went for our ultrasound today and found out that mommy is going to be WAY outnumbered at our house because we are having another BOY!!! Although I would really love to have a little girl, I am excited about Tayson having a little brother that he can play with! The baby looks great and weighs about 9 oz. right now. Now we just have to try and come up with some boy names!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tayson's 2nd Halloween!

This year Tayson was Kung Fu Panda for Halloween. least that was the costume that my mom made for him. He really wasn't into getting dressed up in a costume and he had a meltdown anytime we tried to put it on him. We finally got him to wear it long enough to go to Grandma and Papa H's house and Grandma and Papa's house. After that, the costume was history!! When we left my mom and dad's house, we met Ryan, Amber & Kaid for dinner and then headed out to Trick-or-Treat! Kaid and Tayson seemed to have a good time going from house to house but after about 7 houses, they were done! Here are a few of the pictures that I managed to get while he was chasing the kitties at Justin's mom and dad's house.

I hope that everyone had a Happy Halloween too!

Halloween Party at Mother's Day Out

On Friday afternoon, Taysons Mother's Day Out class had a Halloween party. We had so much fun!! Most of the kids were dressed in their costumes but since getting Tayson to wear his costume was a bit of an issue, I decided it wasn't worth it for the party. We went Trick-or-Treating around the church and the kids got lots of goodies! Then we went back to his classroom and the kids got to have cupcakes and juice. After their snack, they had little games and stuff set up that they could play. It was so much fun to watch him interact with his friends in his class.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Brother!

For those of you that don't know yet, Tayson is going to be a big brother!! I am 14 weeks pregnant and the new little bundle is due on April 6th. I have a feeling that "it" will arrive at the end of March sometime because Tayson was 2 weeks early. We are so excited and can't wait to find out what we are having. I say boy but Justin thinks girl! We haven't told Tayson anything about the new baby yet because I think he is too young to understand it right now.

So far, this pregnancy has seemed so much harder than Taysons. I'm not sure if I just forgot being pregnant with Tayson or if it really is. I had some sickness with Tayson but it was primarily in the evenings so I could just go home and lay around and everything was okay. However, with this baby, I have been sick 24 hours a day and because we have Tayson, I can't just go home and lay around. I am starting to feel better and hope that the sickness will be completely gone before too long!! Also, with Tayson, I didn't start showing until I was almost five months pregnant and with this one, well....lets just say, I had Dr. Hix check to make sure that it was just 1 baby!! I have already gained 8 lbs! Oh well, I'll deal with that after the baby gets here! At my second doctors appointment they checked the baby's heartrate and it was 160 so, that is a little bit faster than what Tayson's was!

I go back to the doctor next week so I will keep you guys posted!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

American Idol Live!!!

Saturday night Justin and I went to the American Idols Live concert in Tulsa! It was so awesome and we had the best seats!! I will spare you guys any pictures because it was so dark in there that you can't see any of the Idols performing and I know you don't want any pictures of us because by the time we got to the BOK Center, we were soaking wet! It was raining and super windy in Tulsa so my umbrella really did us no good! We looked like little wet dogs but still had the best time!

This concert was for the top 10 finalist and I must say, they all did an amazing job! This was their final stop on the tour, they had done 52 other shows before this one, so they all were a little bummed out about it being the end. The night started with number 10, Chickeze. He did really well and I really do like him. He seems like such a down-to-earth, genuinely nice guy! I hope he makes it big! The next contestant was Raimelle, I knew that she was tiny on TV but I guess I didn't realize how tiny!! She was just so cute and I loved watching her perform. Then was Michael Johns!! I don't know what was going on with him but he had this crazy mustache and it was not very flattering! I think he was doing it as a dare or something but I dare him to shave it off!! :)

After that was Carly and Kristy Lee Cook. They both did really well! Kristy Lee sang God Bless America and I really think she has a future in country music. Carly sounded great in person and I won't be surprised to see her record before too long either! Next up was Brooke White and I just LOVE her! She played the piano and sang. She did a really great job and I know for sure that we will see more from her! I must say that her hair is just as gorgeous in person as it was on TV. I wish I had hair like that!

The final four to sing were Jason Castro, Syesha, David A and David Cook! They were all incredible!!! I loved Syesha on the show and I love her even more now! That girl can sing and she is so pretty! David A was amazing as well! Every time I hear him sing it is just so hard for me to believe that he is only seventeen! David Cook was my favorite of the night and I know you guys are going to be super jealous (just kidding) but he did give me a high five!! He came down into the audience and ran around the edge of the floor seats, he stopped right in front of my chair and got up on this little girls chair and sang for a second. That little girl was so funny and couldn't stop talking about how cool it was that out of all the chairs, he picked hers to stand on! It was so funny!!

We had a great time and I really look forward to following all of these idols now to see what they do next!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The other morning when Tayson woke up, I got him out of bed and he started playing with some of his toys, while I was getting ready. After about five minutes, I told him that we needed to go into his bedroom so that we could change his diaper and get him dressed. As we started across the house to his bedroom, I decided to stop by the guest bedroom so I could get a dress out of the closet. He came into the guest bedroom and started whining and tugging at his diaper. I just assumed that he wanted a dry diaper so I said "Come on sweetie, lets go in your room and change it". I laid him down in his room to change his diaper, like I always do, however, this time when I unfastened his diaper I found a big surprise!!! Mommy's cell phone!!! I was laughing so hard, trying to figure out, why on earth does this baby have my cell phone in his diaper? I thought about it, the answer came to me! Just days before when Justin had gotten home from work, he gave Tayson his change out of his pocket, as he always does, and Tayson took off to his bedroom to put it in his piggy bank. Later when I changed his diaper there were two pennies in his diaper but I just figured that he must have accidentally dropped them in there when he was putting the change away. After thinking about this, it clicked!! Tayson always sees Justin putting his change and his cell phone in his pockets and he thinks that this is his pocket!

Sure enough, that is exactly what it is! Since then, we have caught him trying to put several other things like pens, etc. in his "pocket". Now if we tell him to put something in his pocket, he will immediately start trying to put it in his diaper! It is so funny what kids think and how they process things in their little heads!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Justin, Tayson and I just got back from vacation. We went to Orlando this year because we thought it was somewhere that Tayson would have fun too! We had a great time!! We didn't do the whole Disney thing this trip because I figured Tayson was still too young to enjoy it. We did go to Sea World and Gatorland though and he loved it!! We also went to Downtown Disney and Citywalk. We stayed at the Omni Resort and it was wonderful. They had great pools for kids and an awesome lazy river that you could just float around. Tayson loved it and probably would've been happy just hanging out there the whole time.

When we were at Sea World my camera got wet and bit the dust!! I have NO LUCK with cameras! So...we ended up just buying a couple of disposable ones for the remainder of the trip so that is why a lot of these pictures are horrible. I just figured they were better than no pictures!

Here are a few pictures of the hotel and some of the pools and things...

All ready to go to the pool...

"Come on guys, lets get in the lazy river!!!"

Playing on the splash pad (this was definitely one of his favorite places)!!

We had a blast at Sea World (even if it did rain the ENTIRE time)! Tayson loved the Shamu show and was amazed by all of the other sea creatures, as well. We will definitely have to go back when he gets a little bit older because I know he will love it even more!! Here are a few pictures from Sea World and the Shamu show!

We even purchased our own stuffed Shamu that looks just like this one!

These are pictures from Downtown Disney. We had so much fun going to all of the Disney stores!

These are just some other random pictures from our last night there! The weather in Florida definitely does not agree with my crazy hair!!

Tayson LOVED to run down the hall and push the elevator button!

Our crazy Kung Foo Panda kept trying to climb the palm trees!!

Tayson and Justin playing on the Harley at the Harley shop in the airport!!

We did so many fun things that I could probably go on and on forever but I will spare you guys your time!! We had a great time and can't wait to go back when Tayson is older and hit up Disney World!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tulsa Zoo

Last week Tayson and I went with my mom and my sister, Ally, over to Tulsa to the zoo. We stopped and had lunch with my aunt before heading to the zoo. It was SOOOO hot that we only stayed a little over an hour. We decided that we will have to go back later this year, when it cools down!!

Ally, Tayson and I just "monkeying" around!!!

While we were there, we got to see the cutest little monkey! I tried to take some pictures of him but they didn't turn out too great. He was just born at the beginning of June and he was so cute!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

18 months together!!!


WOW!!! I can't believe that it has been 18 months already! I have loved every single minute of being your mommy and I just cannot imagine my life without you. You are so much fun and such a happy boy!! You have taught me so much about myself, life and love. I can't wait to see what lies ahead for us and watch you grow! I have made a list of a few things you are doing right now so that we can remember these later!

1. You have 15 teeth!! You just cut three of your eye teeth this week!
2. You can say: mama, dada, papa, kitty, moo, vroom vroom, fishy, baba, dixie, yuck, and several other things that I haven't figured out yet!!
3. You love to talk on the phone. You are always using our cell phones , the house phone, the remote control, just whatever. You will hold it up to your ear and talk and then start laughing. It is the cutest thing to see you just have a conversation with whoever you are pretending to talk to!
4. You love water! You love the pool, sprinkler, taking a bath, the hose! You would spend hours in the water if we would let you!!
5. You love to watch Baby Einstein. Your favorite DVD is the Old McDonald one! You would watch that DVD 5 times a day, if you could!
6. You are no longer walking, you are running!! This has been going on for awhile now but daddy and I always laugh because a lot of times your little feet get going faster than you and you run into things!!
7. You are wearing a size 18-24 month clothes and a size 6 shoe. Occasionally, you can even wear a 2T, depending on brand.
8. You are a great eater! I'm sure that contributes to you being such a big boy! You will eat almost anything mommy gives you. You FAVORITE thing is probably your mini ice cream sandwiches. You are constantly trying to open the freezer door and get one out. If you see them and I don't let you have one, you occasionally have a minor melt down on the kitchen floor.
9. That brings me to another point. You are DEFINITELY entering the terrible twos a little early! You have started throwing fits when you don't get your way! We are trying to work on this but I know it is just a stage and eventually we will come out of it!
10. You like to sing in the car. I'm sure you picked this up from mommy, probably not the best person to learn from :) It makes me smile everytime I hear you sitting in the backseat, making noises like you are singing.
11. You finally figured out how to reel in your fishing pole. You have had your own little spiderman fishing pole for awhile and it has a fake rubber fish on the end and you finally figured out how to reel him in, all by yourself!! Daddy is really proud!
12. You know how to dance along to "If you're happy and you know it." You clap your hands, stomp your feet and throw your arms in the air for hooray!!
13. You know how to put change in your piggy bank. You have been doing this for awhile now but you just get so excited after each coin, it is so much fun to watch. Daddy gives you his change everyday when he gets home and you take off running for your room!
14. You don't say no no but you shake your hand back and forth to mean "no". We have no idea where you got this from but it is so funny!
15. You go to bed everynight around 8:30 and usually wake up around 7:30. You still get up a few times in the middle of the night but usually just for a minute or two and then you are right back to sleep.
16. Your favorite toys right now are your golf clubs, your mini 4 wheeler, your kitty, your basketball goal, your fishing pole and anything that you are not supposed to have!
17. You love to climb on EVERYTHING!! You always try and climb into your highchair when I tell you it is time to eat. The other night when I was getting something out of the car, you climbed all the way into the seat by yourself. (I drive a GMC Denali so it is pretty high and I sometimes have trouble getting in it myself)
18. You can blow your nose! Well, not exactly like you are supposed to but you always put kleenex, napkins, towels, etc. up to your nose and make this cute little face and pretend to be blowing your nose!
19. You can blow on your food when it is hot, or even when it isn't! You blow on everything that we say is hot...daddy's grill, mommy's straightner!!

There are so many more amazing things you are doing, it would take me days to list them all!! We love you so much and are so incredibly happy to have you in our lives!! Happy 18 month birthday Tayson!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Blogger was messing up the past few days and wouldn't let me post any pictures so there are several new posts below!!

Birthday Bash

Saturday night we celebrated Justin's 26th and my 25th birthdays at our house. We usually do this every year because our birthdays are so close together. We had such a good time and loved having everyone over!! We cooked baby back ribs, bbq chicken, baked beans, potatoes, salad, rolls, and homemade mac and cheese!! For dessert we had cheesecake and triple chocolate fudge cake! They were both really good!! It was so hard this year with the desserts because I usually just get a cake from either Ricks or Shelby Lynns, but because this year it was 4th of July weekend, no one was open!

Tayson was really crabby at the party though because he didn't have his afternoon nap so this made it rather difficult for me to talk to everyone, take pictures and enjoy everything! He wanted ME to hold him the entire time! We tried several times to get him to go to sleep but he wasn't having any part of that, there was just too much going on! I finally got him to sleep around 10:15, which is WAY past his bedtime!! By this point, a lot of people were already gone but the guys sat out on the deck and played poker for awhile!!

Justin and I both had great birthdays this year and thank everyone for coming to help us celebrate!!