Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes, I am THAT mom!

Growing up, my mom ALWAYS used to dress Ally, Taylor and I, alike! I mean...she did it up until I was like 13 and told her that it HAD to stop! Well...I have now turned into the coolest mom THAT mom! I have been buying the boys matching outfits since I found out that Tristin was a boy! Justin always gives me grief about all of the matching clothes I buy them, but hey...if I can't have a girl (yet!) then I will have to play dress up, or dress alike, with my little guys!

I tried several times the other day to get Tayson to sit still long enough for me to get a decent picture of them together, but it just didn't happen. are my attempts!

Tayson is busy opening mail and Tristin looks like he just saw a ghost! I had to reassure him that it wasn't a ghost, that was just mommy who hadn't seen ANY sun in the last 9 months or so!


Tristin LOVES to lay on Tayson's bed and stare at the black and white stripes on the wall

I'm sure there will be MANY more matching posts to come!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 Months Already!!


Mommy CANNOT believe that you are two months old today! I know that time goes by way too fast, but this seems to have gone by at record speed!! You are such a blessing to daddy, Tayson and I and although it has only been two months, we can't remember ever living without you. Tayson is starting to pay more and more attention to you and his favorite thing to do is to "pet" you every night while I am trying to put you to sleep. He loves to rub your little head and tell me how soft you are. I know that you guys will be the best of friends! I have made a list of things that you are doing at two months so that we can remember them.

We love you more than words can say little Tris!

Mommy, Daddy and Tayson

*You are such a laid back, happy boy! The only time we ever hear you cry is if you have a dirty diaper or are hungry. Sometimes we will go days without ever hearing you cry! We usually only hear big time cries when you are in your car seat, in the car!

*You have started smiling a lot more when we talk to you. Until a week or so ago, you would smile here and there, mainly just when you were sleeping and dreaming. Within the past week though, you have started really smiling at us when we talk to you! It just melts my heart!!

*You love to go on walks! We try and take you on a walk every night and you just love to be outside and look around.

*You are a great sleeper. You usually go to bed around 9 or 10 and then sleep until about 1:30 and then again until about 4:00. You are usually ready to get up right around 6:45 or 7:00.

*You go to work with me everyday and are always such a great boy! You just swing in your swing or Meme and I hold you! All of our customers love to come in and look at you!

*You still love to take a bath. You will just lay in your tub, so relaxed!

*You just started wearing your 3 month clothes. Some of them fit perfectly and others are still a little bit big. You are wearing size 1 diapers.

*You don't go to the doctor until Monday, but I am guessing you are around 12lbs and 25" long.

*You still do not like to ride in the car! I am really hoping you change your mind soon because it breaks my heart to hear you cry so hard in the back seat. Tayson says, "Mama, Tris" over and over again, he gets so worried about you!

Monday, May 18, 2009

MDO Ice Cream Party

Friday was Tayson's last day of school at Mother's Day Out. Their summer program doesn't start up until the first of July, so he has some time off. For the last day of school, they had an ice cream party. It was so much fun watching him play and interact with all of his classmates. He seems to really enjoy school right now, which is such a blessing because we went through a period of time where he didn't enjoy going and that was really hard on his mommy!

A thank you "prize" (that is what Tayson calls presents) for his teachers, Ms. Trish, Ms. Laura, Ms. Tracy and Ms. Marv!

Lining up with Stafford, Logan and Reese to go outside for ice cream!

Riding bikes...One of his FAVORITE things to do!

This is his new thing, when I tell him to smile or say cheese, he puts his hands over his eyes. I think he is pretending to take a picture!

Playing with McCoy!

This is his class picture that we got back on Friday. This is his Tuesday class so not all of the kids are in it, but I thought it was so cute anyways!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Lots of New Posts!

I finally got (somewhat) caught up on a few of the blogs that I have been meaning to do!

Tristin's First Walk

These are pictures from when we took Tristin on his first walk. He loves to be outside and will actually sit in his carseat without screaming, as long as we are walking!