Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The other morning when Tayson woke up, I got him out of bed and he started playing with some of his toys, while I was getting ready. After about five minutes, I told him that we needed to go into his bedroom so that we could change his diaper and get him dressed. As we started across the house to his bedroom, I decided to stop by the guest bedroom so I could get a dress out of the closet. He came into the guest bedroom and started whining and tugging at his diaper. I just assumed that he wanted a dry diaper so I said "Come on sweetie, lets go in your room and change it". I laid him down in his room to change his diaper, like I always do, however, this time when I unfastened his diaper I found a big surprise!!! Mommy's cell phone!!! I was laughing so hard, trying to figure out, why on earth does this baby have my cell phone in his diaper? I thought about it, the answer came to me! Just days before when Justin had gotten home from work, he gave Tayson his change out of his pocket, as he always does, and Tayson took off to his bedroom to put it in his piggy bank. Later when I changed his diaper there were two pennies in his diaper but I just figured that he must have accidentally dropped them in there when he was putting the change away. After thinking about this, it clicked!! Tayson always sees Justin putting his change and his cell phone in his pockets and he thinks that this is his pocket!

Sure enough, that is exactly what it is! Since then, we have caught him trying to put several other things like pens, etc. in his "pocket". Now if we tell him to put something in his pocket, he will immediately start trying to put it in his diaper! It is so funny what kids think and how they process things in their little heads!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Justin, Tayson and I just got back from vacation. We went to Orlando this year because we thought it was somewhere that Tayson would have fun too! We had a great time!! We didn't do the whole Disney thing this trip because I figured Tayson was still too young to enjoy it. We did go to Sea World and Gatorland though and he loved it!! We also went to Downtown Disney and Citywalk. We stayed at the Omni Resort and it was wonderful. They had great pools for kids and an awesome lazy river that you could just float around. Tayson loved it and probably would've been happy just hanging out there the whole time.

When we were at Sea World my camera got wet and bit the dust!! I have NO LUCK with cameras! So...we ended up just buying a couple of disposable ones for the remainder of the trip so that is why a lot of these pictures are horrible. I just figured they were better than no pictures!

Here are a few pictures of the hotel and some of the pools and things...

All ready to go to the pool...

"Come on guys, lets get in the lazy river!!!"

Playing on the splash pad (this was definitely one of his favorite places)!!

We had a blast at Sea World (even if it did rain the ENTIRE time)! Tayson loved the Shamu show and was amazed by all of the other sea creatures, as well. We will definitely have to go back when he gets a little bit older because I know he will love it even more!! Here are a few pictures from Sea World and the Shamu show!

We even purchased our own stuffed Shamu that looks just like this one!

These are pictures from Downtown Disney. We had so much fun going to all of the Disney stores!

These are just some other random pictures from our last night there! The weather in Florida definitely does not agree with my crazy hair!!

Tayson LOVED to run down the hall and push the elevator button!

Our crazy Kung Foo Panda kept trying to climb the palm trees!!

Tayson and Justin playing on the Harley at the Harley shop in the airport!!

We did so many fun things that I could probably go on and on forever but I will spare you guys your time!! We had a great time and can't wait to go back when Tayson is older and hit up Disney World!