Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday Part 2- Barnyard Birthday Party

On Saturday night, we had a barnyard birthday party at our house! We had so much fun!! We had barbeque catered by Penguin Eds. Tayson had a great time playing with all of the kids. There were toys everywhere!

Before the party started! This child doesn't wear pants unless he HAS to! He's a diaper kind of guy!

We set up some tables in the garage so that everyone would have more room to sit and eat. That is one thing that stinks about having a winter birthday, you can't go outside and sit on the deck!

Playing on his new slide! He likes to sit at the top for a few minutes and yell "GO" before he actually decides to "GO"!!

I think overall he had a wonderful birthday!! I can't believe he is two already, it goes by WAY too fast!!

Birthday Part 1- Chuck E Cheese

Thursday night, for Tayson's 2nd birthday, we decided to take him to Chuck E Cheese. He loves that place right now and could really care less about having any tokens to play the games, he just wants to run from one thing to another. He loves to pretend he is driving all of the cars!! My mom, dad, sisters and in-laws all came with us. We all had so much fun! I guess because it was a Thursday night and it was FREEZING (like 10 degrees) outside, no one else was really there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves!

WOW!! Look at all of these tickets I won!

Patiently waiting for Chuck E to sketch my picture!!

"Here dad, let me show you how the pros play skeeball!"

Tayson is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now so my parents got him all of the characters. He LOVES them and wants them to come everywhere we go!

He also LOVES the Wonder Pets so they also got him a Ming Ming stuffed animal!

This birthday cake that we took to Chuck E Cheese was really more for daddy. His favorite cake is just a cheap chocolate cake from Wal-Mart with whipped icing. So...we made him happy and got his favorite cake for this night!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Tayson!!

Today is my sweet little angle babys' 2nd Birthday. It makes me just want to cry, thinking it has been 2 years already. They have been, without a doubt, the best 2 years of my life. He brings me so much happiness and joy and I truly cannot remember what my life was like before we had him.

He is talking so much now and his little personality is just so much fun! Justin and I are constantly laughing at the things that he does and all that he picks up on.

We are heading to Chuck E Cheese tonight for a little birthday fun and then his big birthday party is Saturday night so there will be pictures to come!!


Daddy and I love you more than words can express!! You are the light of our lives and we look forward to spending everyday of the rest of our lives, with you!! We hope you have a great 2nd birthday lil' buddy!!!

Love Always,
Daddy and Mommy

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Baby Update

I really can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going by! When I stop and think about everything that I have left to do, I feel so guilty because I am positive that by this point in my pregnancy with Tayson, it was already done. Man...having a little one around sure changes everything! I went to the doctor on Monday for my 28 week check up and he said that everything looks great! I had to have my rhogam injection while I was there, which I really don't remember it burning this bad when I had it with Tayson. Amazing how quickly we forget everything! I have gained....28 lbs. so I am right on track with my 55 lb. weight gain with Tayson!! Yeah me!! I go for my last monthly check up on the 9th of Febuary and then I will start going every 2 weeks. It is so hard for me to believe that it is coming up so quickly.

The nursery is coming along so I will try and post pictures before too long! Justin just finished painting last week.

Other than that, everything is going great! I have lots of posts that I need to do but life is just crazy busy and everytime I sit down to do one of them, I get sidetracked!