Friday, November 27, 2009

8 Months

Today is Tristin's 8 month birthday!! He is such a happy baby! I cannot believe that he is 8 months old already, but I know I say that all the time. We are just having so much fun with both of our boys, we wonder what we did before them? Here are some things that he is up to now:

*Wearing 6-9 month clothes and some 6-12 month clothes.

*Still wearing a size 2 diaper!

*Just recently started eating some baby food. We have tried giving him baby food and rice cereal since he was about 6 months old but just within the past month, has he actually started eating some food. He HATES rice cereal though! His favorite is bananas.

*Can sit up on his own.

*Just started rolling over this past month but rarely does it. I knew that he was capable, but he just has NO interest. 95% of the time, if you lay him on his back or belly, he will just stay there.

*He is starting to bring his knees up under his belly, when he is on his belly. I think he is getting ready for crawling. I still think it will be a little while though!

*Doesn't really like to nap! He sleeps pretty good at night, usually getting up two or three times to eat and then he is right back to sleep.

*Still breastfeeding like a champ! It is so funny, we have tried to give him formula a few times, just so that he would have something to eat if we were gone, but he will have absolutely nothing to do with it! He makes the worst faces!!

*LOVES his big brother! I think his favorite thing to do is sit and watch Tayson run around and play. He always laughs at him. It just melts my heart to watch them!!

*He cut his first 2 teeth about 2 weeks ago. They are his two bottom teeth.

*Loves to take a bath. He has just recently started trying to splash the water, he thinks it is so funny!

*When he gets really excited, he starts kicking his little legs ninety to nothing!

I'm sure I will think of more later. I miss him being a tiny little baby but I absolutely love this stage. His little personality is just developing so much everyday!