Sunday, September 27, 2009

Half a year!


I say this every time, but I really can't believe that you are six months old! Half a year, already? Wow, time flies!! You are such a blessing and joy to our lives. We really cannot imagine what it was like, to only have one baby. Here is what you are up to:

*You are such a happy boy! You are definitely spoiled though. You have started crying when anyone acts like they are going to put you down. You LOVE to be held!

*You are still breastfeeding and won't have anything to do with anything else. I have tried rice cereal, apple juice, nursery water, bananas, and applesauce, and you are having NO PART!

*You are 26 3/4" long and weigh exactly 16lbs. The doctor said you were in the 50th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight.

*You still are not rolling over! I know that you could, if you wanted to, but you just have no interest. You have come really close several times.

*You LOVE your big brother and watch him constantly. I hope that this continues, as you guys get older!

*You are still a great sleeper (at night) but have decided that naps during the day, are overrated.

*You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes and a size 2 diaper. Some of your 6-9 month stuff is starting to fit too.

*You have started making several noises but not any distinct words or sounds yet.

*You can almost sit up by yourself. You can do it for a little while and then you will topple over.

*You still LOVE to take a bath! You have started kicking your feet and it is so funny to watch. You will get very still and then just start kicking really fast. So cute!!

*You really like to play in your exersaucer, but only for about 10 minutes!

"Sometimes these guys make me SO mad!"

I'm sure I will think of more things later. You are just perfect, to us, and we are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy!