Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tulsa Zoo

Last week Tayson and I went with my mom and my sister, Ally, over to Tulsa to the zoo. We stopped and had lunch with my aunt before heading to the zoo. It was SOOOO hot that we only stayed a little over an hour. We decided that we will have to go back later this year, when it cools down!!

Ally, Tayson and I just "monkeying" around!!!

While we were there, we got to see the cutest little monkey! I tried to take some pictures of him but they didn't turn out too great. He was just born at the beginning of June and he was so cute!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

18 months together!!!


WOW!!! I can't believe that it has been 18 months already! I have loved every single minute of being your mommy and I just cannot imagine my life without you. You are so much fun and such a happy boy!! You have taught me so much about myself, life and love. I can't wait to see what lies ahead for us and watch you grow! I have made a list of a few things you are doing right now so that we can remember these later!

1. You have 15 teeth!! You just cut three of your eye teeth this week!
2. You can say: mama, dada, papa, kitty, moo, vroom vroom, fishy, baba, dixie, yuck, and several other things that I haven't figured out yet!!
3. You love to talk on the phone. You are always using our cell phones , the house phone, the remote control, just whatever. You will hold it up to your ear and talk and then start laughing. It is the cutest thing to see you just have a conversation with whoever you are pretending to talk to!
4. You love water! You love the pool, sprinkler, taking a bath, the hose! You would spend hours in the water if we would let you!!
5. You love to watch Baby Einstein. Your favorite DVD is the Old McDonald one! You would watch that DVD 5 times a day, if you could!
6. You are no longer walking, you are running!! This has been going on for awhile now but daddy and I always laugh because a lot of times your little feet get going faster than you and you run into things!!
7. You are wearing a size 18-24 month clothes and a size 6 shoe. Occasionally, you can even wear a 2T, depending on brand.
8. You are a great eater! I'm sure that contributes to you being such a big boy! You will eat almost anything mommy gives you. You FAVORITE thing is probably your mini ice cream sandwiches. You are constantly trying to open the freezer door and get one out. If you see them and I don't let you have one, you occasionally have a minor melt down on the kitchen floor.
9. That brings me to another point. You are DEFINITELY entering the terrible twos a little early! You have started throwing fits when you don't get your way! We are trying to work on this but I know it is just a stage and eventually we will come out of it!
10. You like to sing in the car. I'm sure you picked this up from mommy, probably not the best person to learn from :) It makes me smile everytime I hear you sitting in the backseat, making noises like you are singing.
11. You finally figured out how to reel in your fishing pole. You have had your own little spiderman fishing pole for awhile and it has a fake rubber fish on the end and you finally figured out how to reel him in, all by yourself!! Daddy is really proud!
12. You know how to dance along to "If you're happy and you know it." You clap your hands, stomp your feet and throw your arms in the air for hooray!!
13. You know how to put change in your piggy bank. You have been doing this for awhile now but you just get so excited after each coin, it is so much fun to watch. Daddy gives you his change everyday when he gets home and you take off running for your room!
14. You don't say no no but you shake your hand back and forth to mean "no". We have no idea where you got this from but it is so funny!
15. You go to bed everynight around 8:30 and usually wake up around 7:30. You still get up a few times in the middle of the night but usually just for a minute or two and then you are right back to sleep.
16. Your favorite toys right now are your golf clubs, your mini 4 wheeler, your kitty, your basketball goal, your fishing pole and anything that you are not supposed to have!
17. You love to climb on EVERYTHING!! You always try and climb into your highchair when I tell you it is time to eat. The other night when I was getting something out of the car, you climbed all the way into the seat by yourself. (I drive a GMC Denali so it is pretty high and I sometimes have trouble getting in it myself)
18. You can blow your nose! Well, not exactly like you are supposed to but you always put kleenex, napkins, towels, etc. up to your nose and make this cute little face and pretend to be blowing your nose!
19. You can blow on your food when it is hot, or even when it isn't! You blow on everything that we say is hot...daddy's grill, mommy's straightner!!

There are so many more amazing things you are doing, it would take me days to list them all!! We love you so much and are so incredibly happy to have you in our lives!! Happy 18 month birthday Tayson!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Blogger was messing up the past few days and wouldn't let me post any pictures so there are several new posts below!!

Birthday Bash

Saturday night we celebrated Justin's 26th and my 25th birthdays at our house. We usually do this every year because our birthdays are so close together. We had such a good time and loved having everyone over!! We cooked baby back ribs, bbq chicken, baked beans, potatoes, salad, rolls, and homemade mac and cheese!! For dessert we had cheesecake and triple chocolate fudge cake! They were both really good!! It was so hard this year with the desserts because I usually just get a cake from either Ricks or Shelby Lynns, but because this year it was 4th of July weekend, no one was open!

Tayson was really crabby at the party though because he didn't have his afternoon nap so this made it rather difficult for me to talk to everyone, take pictures and enjoy everything! He wanted ME to hold him the entire time! We tried several times to get him to go to sleep but he wasn't having any part of that, there was just too much going on! I finally got him to sleep around 10:15, which is WAY past his bedtime!! By this point, a lot of people were already gone but the guys sat out on the deck and played poker for awhile!!

Justin and I both had great birthdays this year and thank everyone for coming to help us celebrate!!

My Little Firecracker!

We had a great 4th of July this year! It was very low key and laid back. We just hung out with my family and one of my parents best friends, Rich. My dad and Rich are so funny and they play off of each other so well!! When we are with them, we just laugh the entire time!

We also went and got Tayson some fireworks to see what he would think. He really wasn't that crazy about anything that made noise but he loved the little poppers that you throw on the ground!

Come on mom, lets go get those fireworks!!!

Throwing poppers on the ground, as hard as he could!

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July too!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Girls Night

Last Thursday night I met up with Amber, Suzette and Nicole for a girls night out!! We started at La Huerta and then headed over to Joe's Bistro and sat on the patio. We had such a good time just being able to hang out and talk!! Here are a couple of pictures that the sweet little girl at the table next to us took!

I don't know why Amber and I are kind of blurry in this picture??

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Way to go Justin!!

Yesterday was my 25th birthday!! I can't believe that I am 25 already. I didn't really think it would be that hard to turn 25 but it was actually a lot more shocking than I anticipated! It seems like a big milestone, like you are officially an adult. Not that I wasn't an adult before, but just different, I can't describe it!

Justin kept telling me that he had gotten me something that I would really like but would never guess or spend the money on for myself. I tried so hard to guess what it was, but I was WAY wrong!! He got me tickets to:

I am so excited!! I LOVED this season and I can't wait to go see all of them perform. We aren't going until September but tickets sold out right away so he had to purchase them from a ticket broker and he was right, they were WAY more expensive than I would've paid for them. However, it isn't everyday you can see all of these people perform together and we are both so excited to go see them!!

Overall, this has been a great birthday! Monday night my in-laws took us to Blu Fin to eat and then last night we went with my family to Hermans. This weekend we are having a joint birthday party for Justin and I (since his birthday is next week)!! So...stayed tuned for pictures of that!