Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, my precious baby!


I know that I can't really say "baby" anymore, now that you are three, but you will always be my baby! You are my first born and the light of my life. I would have never guessed that three years ago today, my life would change so drastically. It was the best change I have ever experienced. Becoming a mom, your mom, was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. There are no words to describe just how much I love you. You always put a smile on my face and I am so blessed to be your mommy!! I love you and hope that you have the happiest birthday a boy could have!!



Amber said...

I remember the fear in your voice when you called me to tell me you were pregnant with Tayson. Now look at you and look at him. Like it was natural. He is such a great boy and such a lucky little man to have a mommy like you! He is growing up so fast. Where does the time go?

Happy Birthday Tayson! Love aunt Amber

Brittney said...

Happy Birthday Tayson! I can tell you're a great mom, and both of your boys are incredibly blessed to have you in their lives!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Tayson!

The Hickmans said...

I cannot believe Tayson and Zayde are three!! Where does the time go? What did you do for Tayson's birthday? We are having a bug-themed party. I was wondering if we had the same again this year. =)