Friday, March 5, 2010

Halloween 2009

Wow...I know this is WAY late! Like 4 1/2 months late!! I still wanted to get these pictures up here though, so that I can look back on them, even if they weren't published until March! :)

For Halloween this year, I let Tayson decide what he was going to be. Up until this year, he really wasn't old enough to decide on his own, so I always just picked something I thought he would like. For Halloween this year though, he was pretty adament about being Diego, from the show "Go Diego Go!" I actually thought this would be a great idea because if you know Tayson, you know that he HATES to wear costumes so since Diego really just wears shorts, a t-shirt, vest and tennis shoes, I thought that we might actually be able to get this costume on him without major waterworks! I also liked this idea because I wanted he and Tristin to be something that coordinated and since Diego's little sidekick is baby Jaguar, that worked well! So...Tayson was Diego and Tristin was baby Jaguar!

We had a great Halloween, just going to my parents and Justin's parents and to a few houses to trick-or-treat! The boys had a great time and got WAY too much candy! Here are a few pictures of the big night:

Baby Jaguar looking through his goodies! (I realized after I typed this post that I don't have any picutures of him with his full costume on, on my camera!)

Diego, who doesn't like to stand still for pictures :)

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